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"Have Your Website Rankings Dropped?‎
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The SEO Game Has Changed!

Google has released a number of updates to their ranking algorithm that has decimated the rankings of websites everywhere.

In the past, you could rank a website by building a large number of links (of any quality) with the keyword you wanted to rank for in those links.

Now, having too many links with keywords in them, or too many links from low quality websites, will actually stop you from ranking. So if you’re wondering why you aren’t ranking, your backlinks are most likely the cause.

Building a rock-solid SEO strategy from the ground up

My sole aim is to ensure you outrank your competition. That’s why I have audited over 1000 websites in over 100 different markets… to find out what Google was looking at when ranking websites for different keywords, in different markets. And that’s what my SEO strategy is based on.

I can help you get the strategy for your content, sales and customer connections right: first time. Ensure that your strategy supports your vision and that you’re prepared for challenges in the year ahead – and beyond.

I am an independent expert that can work with you to understand and define your keys areas of focus, get a grasp on your current capabilities and deliver an actionable strategy roadmap.

I’ll review your current plans and objectives, a competitor analysis and an audit of your current performance to provide you with a clear strategy to move forward with.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition!

Want to find out what we can do for your business?

Are you interested in learning how your site compares to your competitors and what it will take to outrank them?

Do you want insight into why you’re competition is ranking higher and what it will take to surpass them?

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