Embrace the Future with Mobile Website Design

 Mobile Website Design

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There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a mobile site that doesn’t work.  Whether it hasn’t been optimised at all for mobile devices, is simply a re-hashed version of the desktop site that doesn’t function properly on a mobile or is lacking most of the features available on the desktop site, it’s a guaranteed way to turn users off.  How many times have you later visited the same site from a desktop PC?  A poor mobile browsing experience can turn users off your site completely and send them to competitor’s sites, which is not what you want when you’re trying to grow your business.

Mobile Web Design is the Future

The future is most definitely mobile, as more of us than ever before view websites on a second screen such as a tablet or smartphone.  Consider that 90% of searches on a mobile result in some kind of action such as a purchase or appointment, and you can see exactly why optimising your website for mobile viewing is so important.  Whilst you might think it’s easy to adapt your current site for use on a mobile and that any web designer can do this for you, it’s not as simple as it appears.  For the best customer experience, the site needs to be created from scratch for a mobile device, to take advantage of mobile browsing and provide a seamless browsing experience for the user.  Our mobile website design service offers all this and more, and our team of expert designers have a wealth of experience in creating websites specifically tailored for mobile devices.  It’s important when creating a site for use on a smartphone or tablet that it takes into account the smaller size of the screen – one of the most frustrating aspects of mobile browsing is when features or menus are not visible due to screen limitations, and that’s where specialist mobile website design comes into its own.

Keep your Content Lean and Mean

It’s important to trimmobile web design mock up your content for reading on a mobile device, but also important that you don’t leave out any important functionality.  For example, if you’re redesigning your shopping website for use on a smartphone or tablet, the user still needs to be able to view enough information about the product and delivery services to enable them to make a purchase, and checkout facilities need to be easy to use with a handheld device.  Longer sections of content can be hinted at with snippets of interesting information and will encourage users to visit the desktop site.  A mobile web designer brings their experience in designing specifically for smaller screens to the mix and will ensure that your website is the perfect blend of aesthetics and content for browsing on the go.

It’s not all about Web Design

Of course, when you’re hiring a team to build your mobile website, you need to be thinking about Mobile SEO.  This works somewhat differently from standard SEO and is something that we can advise upon when building your mobile website.  For example, adding functions such as price comparison to your mobile site to allow users to scan items in store and compare the prices online is a useful function which will increase your conversion rates (but only if your products are competitively priced!)

As well as assistance with mobile marketing services, we can offer a range of PPC marketing services and social media marketing to get your website noticed, from Google Adwords management to LinkedIn PPC marketing.  Hiring our team of experts ensures that your website will be two steps ahead of the competition, and you’ll have much more time on your hands to focus on the other aspects of your business.

Embrace the Future with Mobile Website Design