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Google-Glass-and-voice-engine-optimisationGoogle Glass: How ground-breaking AI is set to Transform the Face of the Internet

You’d be entirely forgiven for thinking that Google’s latest technology is straight out of the pages of  a science fiction novel  – it’s the kind of technology that we dreamed about when we were little (although we’re still waiting for robots that can make our dinner, and cars which fly!)  Google are leading the way this year with ground-breaking AI in the form of their latest device ‘Google Glass’.

What is Google Glass?

The device is exactly as it sounds – a pair of glasses, which are voice-controlled and feature a small screen embedded in the right hand lens.  This screen displays information from the internet using voice search capability and uses a wireless smartphone connection. The glasses even feature a 5MP camera and the ability to take 720p videos.

High resolution fun

Google claim that the glasses provide a resolution similar to viewing a 25 inch HD screen from a distance of around 8 feet, and the product is currently being rolled out to a crew of volunteers for usability testing, so time will tell whether the claims are true!  The glasses also feature a ‘bone conduction transducer’ – this sits on the ear and improves the quality of sound by utilising the ability of the ear bone to transmit sound.

2013 – a Ground-breaking Year?

Google Glass will go on general sale later this year, and it’s thought the price tag for the device will be around £980.  One of the key features of the device is that Google have placed strict criteria on app development – the apps, also known as ‘Glassware’ must be free of charge for users to download, and there is a strict ban on advertising of any kind; this includes using personal details for advertorial purposes!

What does it all mean?

With the rise of voice search technology such as Siri and Google Now, and the recent release of the Google Now app for iPhone and iPad in spring 2013, Google Glass is set to take voice search technology one step further, and make it more accessible for everyone.  Currently, iPhone users who don’t have the Google Now app must rely on Siri for voice searches – Siri’s local search function has no use in the UK market as it is unable to display local restaurants, bars and other businesses.  Now, no matter what operating system their smartphone has, users can benefit from voice search technology using Google glass, in a convenient, hands free package that also manages to look fairly cutting edge and funky!

Voice search technology is set to be big business this year, and local businesses need to spend time thinking about voice engine optimisation (VEO) if they are to be successful – your business needs an up to date, interesting Google Places page filled with multimedia and customer reviews in order to have the best possible chance of showing up at the top of a list of search results!  With Google leading the way both with their latest ground-breaking product and the amazing capabilities of their voice search engine Google Now, any business not investing in voice engine optimisation is set to miss out.

Google Glass



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